The Microcurrent is used at a sub-sensory level to rejuvenate the skin and requires no recovery time following the procedure. The Serenity microcurrent system will safely and effectively improve the health and appearance of the skin by increasing the natural production of elastin, collagen and circulation. Younger clients seek microcurrent rejuvenation for prevention of some of the aesthetic effects of aging. Mature clients seek the treatment for the rejuvenative qualities their skin will gain from the treatment. A series of microcurrent treatments can provide: improvement in muscle tone in the face and neck; Reduction or elimination of fine lines and wrinkles; Lifting of jowls and eyebrowns.

This treatment is not recommended for someone who is pregnant or nursing, subject to epilepsy, using medications causing light sensitivity or having metastasis, or someone with phlebitis or thrombosis.

This treatment cannot be used instead of an already purchased package.